How much employees get at Coles?

The employees of the company of Coles get a high salary. The employees average salary range is high as compared to other companies. The employees can get the salary in between $35,000 per year to $82,580 per year. The average salary of employees depends upon the position that he/she is serving in the company. The company is paying around $20 per hour to $29.59 per hour. The part-time salary in the company is also really great. The people who are just starting at their jobs are also provided a high salary range. mycoles

Coles Salary Details

  1. For Team Members, the salary is provided according to the different departments present in the company. The team members of different departments get different salaries. The team members can get around $47,699 per year. 
  2. For Customer Service Representative, Customer Service Supervisor, Butcher &Service Assistant, salary is up to $48,518 to $50,000. A lot of people are often recruited in these types of jobs. Customer Service Managers are liable to get a higher salary up to around $53,446 per year.
  3. For Retail Sales Assistant, salary can go up to $20.87 per hour. There can be a lot of assistance in a company and the authority of the assistants can be high that’s why the salary range is also high.
  4. For a Cleaner, the hourly salary ranges upto $20.48. This is very common in the company. 
  5. For Store Manager & Duty Manager, you will be able to easily get $60,000 per year. The department is responsible to manage the overall development of the business. 
  6. For Retail Sales Assistant & Bakery Assistant, you can easily get $20.87 per hour.
  7. For Warehouse Workers, the salary rises to $60,896 every year. The warehouse workers have a very hard job.
  8. For Forklift Operators, salary rises to $63,247 every year. However, different jobs in this department have different salaries as per the authority of the employee.
  9. For Goods-in Manager, salary ranges up to $74,711 per year. The people who are recruited in this position often get a higher salary.
  10. For Cashiers, the salary can go up to $21.05 per hour. If you work extra then additional salary is also paid as per the hours that you have served.


MyColes online portal is available for the employees who want to get information regarding the salary of different department jobs present in the company. If you want to get the latest information regarding the employment of each and every department vacancies then you can visit the official website and get the latest updates.

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