Customer finds Coles Hidden Message

The Coles company is one of the highest rated retailing stores present in the region. A lot of consumers buy their products and goods from the company. The company is one of the retailing stores which sell products of good quality and it is also really trustworthy in terms of the customer satisfaction. The company recently has launched an online platform through which the consumers can easily place their orders regarding different products available at the retailing chain by just sitting at their respective houses.

Customer finds Coles Hidden Message

However, strangely enough now the customers have started noticing hidden messages on the products that they are trying from the retailing store. A lot of customers have reported that they noticed a strange message at the bottom of the products that they have bought from the company or the retailing store. This message has been called the hidden message which the employees of the company are communicating to their consumers. Customer finds Coles Hidden Message

The messages are available on the new products which are launched by the company at the retailing store and also at the online platform available by the company. A lot of consumers are excited to get strange messages on their products. However, not all products are available with these messages. Some lucky customers are able to see these weird messages on the bottom of the packaging of their product.

Customer Finds Coles Hidden Message Check 

Recently, one such incident was reported where one regular shop of the company called Emily posted an image on a Facebook page which gathered a lot of people’s attention. Emily bought a cleaning supply from the company and she was reportedly going through the details of the cleaning product when suddenly she found a cheeky comment on the bottom of every bottle. As per the reports, these comments are available on the latest version of the products which are produced by the company. Many customers have been finding these comments at the bottom of their products and it can be said that this is a planned job done by the workers of the company. 

The comments which are available at the bottom of the products cannot be a mistake because they are available for several customers who bought recent releases from the company. Among many other customers one customer was an Aussie mum. This customer also found a hidden message on a popular cleaning product which she had bought from the supermarket. She also uploaded a picture of it to her social media accounts and the picture became viral attracting a lot of attention from other social media users.

How does Customer finds Coles Hidden Message?

A lot of lovely comments have been discovered by the customers who are buying this popular cleaning supply which was released recently by the company. “Stop staring at my bottom” and “Let me do your dirty work” are some of the comments which were discovered by the customers who have bought the device. The messages seem to be interesting for the customers and they also do not hurt anybody’s sentiment. It will be not wrong to say that the customers are enjoying these types of comments available on the bottom of their cleaning supply. 

People are not even hesitating to leave their warm bed to check the messages that the company has left at the bottom of their cleaning supply. A person who loves to clean also uploaded a post on the situation saying that “Just got out of my warm bed to check in my bathroom.” Each and every customer who has bought the cleaning supply from the company is excited to read the message from the workers of the company. Each and every comment is unique. There are a lot of comments in store for the consumers. 

List of Coles Hidden Message

  1. “There’s no junk in my trunk.”
  2. “Let’s clean naked, baby.”
  3. “What’s your sign, gorgeous?”
  4. “Give clean a chance.”
  5. “Take me to your leader.”
  6. “If you can dish it, we can take it.”
  7. “You’re cute when you squint.”


Now, it has become a top trend on social media to upload the comments that the consumers are finding at the bottom of the cleaning supplies that they are buying from the company. Each and every person who is buying the cleaning supplies is receiving different comments. The people are excited to read their personalized comment. The comments are light hearted and also helps improve the mood of the customer. A lot of consumers are uploading pictures of their comments on social media to gather a good laugh.

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